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Month Of Scares - Parasite (Release Day Review)

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parasite by mira grant

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Parasite follows Sal, the first person to have been saved by SymboGen’s genetically engineered tapeworm, an all-in-one implant product designed to prevent illness and handle all human medical needs. Before the accident Sal was known as Sally Mitchell, and now that girl is gone. Sal has no memory of who she was in the past and that’s the way she likes it. Her family however, take a different view, missing the daughter and sister they loved dearly.

When a strange and mysterious ‘sleepwalking’ disease starts to spread amongst some of those that have a SymboGen implant Sal’s life is turned upside down as she, accompanied by doctor boyfriend Nathan, goes on a journey of discovery with secrets around every corner.

One of the elements of this book that I found both a strength and a downfall was the amount of information there was to take in regarding SymboGen and the technology. At the end of each chapter there were various extracts from interviews with the founders of the company and other articles, which although interesting reads did at times feel as if they were slowing down the pace of the action. Having said that the story of SymboGen is a complex one and the majority of the information was necessary in telling the story fully.

Although I failed to finish Mira Grant’s other novel Feed (the first book in the Newsflesh Trilogy) I enjoyed the writing style of Parasite and thanks to the cliffhanger ending am planning on continuing with the series when further books are released. The extremely interesting concept was what drew me in to this one and I’m really glad I came across it.

3.5/5 Halloween Pumpkins

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