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Month Of Scares - Halloween With Sabrina

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Cast

Today I wanted to feature one of my all-time favourite shows, Sabrina The Teenage Witch! Whenever I've mentioned this series in the past I've always received comments from fellow fans who also grew up watching it - I can't tell you how many times I've directed people towards the DVD boxset!

Anyway, since I'm taking inspiration from all things Halloween this month I thought it was a great excuse to talk Sabrina. In total over the 7 seasons there were 6 Halloween episodes, here's how I'd rank them...

6. The Halloween Scene (Season 5)
Sabrina throws a secret party at her aunts’ house whilst they attend the opening of a new galaxy which turns out to be a dump! In an attempt to make the party more memorable she hires Frankenstein’s monster to come along but he decides to bring all of his friends and the party soon gets out of hand. Things take a turn for the worst when more monsters show up and start trashing the house and Sabrina accidentally loses Frank.

5. Murder On The Halloween Express (Season 6)
Surrounded by people with an unenthusiastic attitude towards her favourite holiday Sabrina decides to drag her college friends along to a Halloween murder mystery evening. When Sabrina discovers that she’s accidentally taken a group of mortals on the Other Realm Express train and turned them all into characters, she has to solve the mystery and save them from being trapped on the train forever! As always her aunts and Salem are on hand to help her out of trouble as she plays detective.

4. Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace (Season 4)
In an attempt to be treated more like a grown up Sabrina gets herself a job at the local coffee house claiming she’s now ‘too old’ for celebrating Halloween. Of course being a witch she can’t run away from Halloween, and when she pours some strong coffee down the drain outside she accidentally awakens a group of zombies. Luckily all they want to do is celebrate in style but end up trashing the coffee house in the process. Meanwhile Hilda and Zelda invite macabre author Edgar Allen Poe to dinner hoping to be truly scared this Halloween only to be disappointed by his new material.

3. Good Will Haunting (Season 3)
After years of finding excuses not to go Hilda and Zelda head off to the Other Realm for Aunt Bula’s Halloween party whilst Sabrina stays home to spend the evening watching scary movies with her mortal friends. As she isn’t attending the party Aunt Bula sends her a gift in the form of an evil talking molly dolly who is out to cause chaos, locking Sabrina and co. inside the house and taking every opportunity to scare them. Back in the Other Realm Sabrina's aunts find themselves in an insane asylum…or is it just the theme of the party?

2. A Halloween Story (Season 1)
Although Sabrina wants to go to Harvey’s big Halloween party her aunts insist that she spend the evening with family in the Other Realm so Sabrina creates a clone of herself to send to Harvey’s. In the Other Realm she meets her bratty cousin Amanda for the first time and briefly gets trapped in a jar. Luckily it isn’t all bad as her aunts gift her with a ‘re-animation’ which she can use to spend half an hour with any deceased person of her choice - Sabrina picks her mortal grandmother. Back at Harvey’s party Sabrina’s clone has gotten herself into a mess by letting head cheerleader Libby convince her to streak at the party.

1. A River Of Candy Corn Runs Through It (Season 2)
Popular girl Libby is having a 'no freaks allowed' Halloween party so Valerie convinces Sabrina to host her own party. Unfortunately that same day Sabrina’s aunts accidentally order talking furniture from the Other Realm and an infestation of termites causes problems. At the party the talking sofa and chairs, Other Realm carol singers, Salem giving a speech and a river of Candy Corn make Sabrina’s guests think that she throws the coolest parties ever. The episode ends with a guest performance from 10,000 Maniacs.

Which Sabrina Halloween special was your favourite? 
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