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Month Of Scares - The Films That Didn't Make The Cut

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Of the many Netflix offerings that were on my potential review list for Month Of Scares there were a handful that I didn't even make it to the end of, plus a few others that I honestly just didn't know what to say about. Perhaps I'll revisit them in the future but for now, as far as this October blogging series goes I'm not able to review them in full. So, instead of letting the time go to waste I thought I would compile them into a list of the films I wouldn't necessarily recommend if you're planning on relaxing at home for a Netflix movie marathon this Halloween.

Paintball (2009) | dir. Daniel Benmayor | Cert. 18
A group of strangers who have volunteered for a extreme paintball experience are blindfolded and taken to a secret location. At first it seems like they're going to get what they expected; a weekend paintball adventure, however they are soon attacked by invisible snipers who aren't just shooting paint.
I made it to: 35 minutes ...the concept sounded interesting however the lack of both suspense and likable characters left me uninterested.

Deadly Pledge / The Haunting Of Sorority Row (2007) | dir. Bert Kish | Cert. PG
When freshman Sam decides to join a famous sorority she is exposed to a whole host of initiation tasks including a rather sinister one which she later discovers is responsible for the mysterious disappearance of another student.
I made it to: the end! ...but felt it all was all a bit silly.

Soul Survivors (2001) | dir. Stephen Carpenter | Cert. 12
After surviving the car crash that killed her boyfriend, Cassie finds herself stuck between the world of the living and the world of the dead and starts having mysterious visions.
I made it to: 51 minutes ...but was bored within the first 10.

Daddy, I'm A Zombie (2011) | dir. Joan Espinach & Ricardo Ramón | Cert. PG
After a bad night out at the local fair gothic teen Dixie stands in a graveyard and mutters the words 'I wish I was dead' only to wake up find that she is now a zombie. This animated film follows Dixie on her journey to come back to life.
I made it to: 38 minutes ...and sadly, was bored and switched to a comedy.
Antiviral (2012) | dir. Brandon Cronenberg | Cert. 15
Syd works at a clinic that sells viruses, harvested from celebrities, to their adoring fans as a way for people to feel connected to their idols. When he becomes infected with a fatal virus that has killed a popular celebrity, Syd must find out what really happened to her in order to save himself.
I made it to: the end ...on my second attempt. Similarly to Paintball the concept seemed different, creepy and intriguing but once again I was disappointed.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) | dir. Tommy Wirkola | Cert. 15
The famous fairytale's young siblings are captured by an evil witch but manage to outsmart her and escape. Years later the duo are hired by the mayor of a small village as professional witch hunters.
I made it to: 44 minutes ...and decided it wasn't for me.

Have you seen any of these films? 
Let me know if I should give any of them another chance!

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