Sunday, 27 October 2013

Month Of Scares - DIY Paper Spiderwebs

papercraft spiderwebs diy
diy paper spiderwebs 9

Today I have a last minute DIY Halloween decoration idea for you. These spiderwebs are based on the simple technique used to create pretty paper snowflakes at Christmas time, and best of all you hardly need any supplies to make your own. Dig out some black and orange paper, scissors, a pencil and something to draw around and have a go at this 5 minute DIY!

diy paper spiderwebs2
diy paper spiderwebs 45
diy paper spiderwebs3
diy paper spiderwebs4
diy paper spiderwebs5

1. Find something circular to draw around (I used a candle) and cut a circle from your coloured paper

2. Fold the circle in half, half again, and half again

3. Take a pencil and draw on your spiderweb design (as shown above) then cut out every other section

4. Unfold to reveal your paper spiderweb!

5. If you want to you can also add on some spider sequins which can be found in supermarkets, pound stores and Wilkinsons.

If you're looking for more DIY Halloween decoration ideas you may like the Spooky Ghosts I created last October.

Happy DIY-ing!
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