Sunday, 6 October 2013

Month Of Scares - DIY Gothic Lace Earrings


For my Halloween DIY posts this year I wanted to get a bit thrifty and share projects that were not only easy to do but would also use up some of the craft supplies that I already have, rather than spending out lots of money on more.

As you may know I've recently been making a lot of ribbon bracelets for Sawyer & Scout and these were actually the inspiration for today's tutorial! These Gothic inspired earrings are made using some of the same supplies and techniques as the bracelets, here's how to make your own version...

You will need:

diy lace earringsdiy lace earrings

1. Cut two strips of lace - approx. 7"- and seal the ends with a little clear nail polish or glue to make sure they don't fray

diy lace earringsdiy lace earrings

2. Fold the strip of lace in half and use pliers to attach a ribbon crimp - if you want to you can also pop a small amount of glue inside the crimp

3. Add on an earring hook using your pliers and that's all there is to it!

Repeat the steps for your second earring and you're done. Happy DIY-ing!  
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