Sunday, 20 October 2013

Month Of Scares - DIY Candy Corn Inspired Jewellery

diy candy corn jewellery 1

Continuing on with my Month Of Scares challenge to come up with DIY ideas that use up supplies I already have lying around, today I've created two different jewellery pieces based on popular Halloween treat Candy Corn. The bright colours and striped design of the sweets are perfect for creating some bold Halloween accessories at home. Here's what I came up with...

diy candy corn necklace

Candy Corn Bottle Necklace
Although there are lots of designs using mini bottles that would work well for Halloween (vials of blood, potions, etc) I wanted to try something a little bit different for the first part of today's DIY. After coming up with the idea to fill the bottle with coloured beads but quickly discovering I didn't have any yellow ones I improvised and used tissue paper to get the same effect.

Supplies - orange, yellow and white tissue paper (or beads), a mini glass bottle, an eyepin, a jump ring, chain, pliers

1. Rip up small pieces of tissue paper, starting with yellow, roll them into balls and pop them into the bottle

2. Once you have filled the bottle approx. one third of the way up switch to orange, then at two thirds full add the white

3. To make the bottle into a pendant use pliers to grip onto a eyepin and carefully push it into the cork

4. Use a jump ring to attach the bottle onto your chain and your necklace is finished!

diy candy corn earrings

Candy Corn Earrings
Not only are these earrings are super cute and super easy to make, this project idea can also be adapted to suit anytime of year as you can paint on whatever design you like!

Supplies -  blank circle charms, pliers, earring wires, nail polishes (orange, yellow and white), clear varnish/glaze

1. Using nail polish paint the striped design onto your charms, apply a second coat if necessary

2. Once the polish has dried completely its best to add a layer of glaze to protect the design - this will also give a 3D/domed look to the charms.
If you don't want to spend out on glaze, a coat of clear polish will also give your design some protection

3. Using pliers attach the charms onto earring hooks and you're done!

Happy DIY-ing!  
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