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Month Of Scares - An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will O' The Wisp

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will o the wisp

Written by Tom Hammock, illustrated by Megan Hutchinson (2013) | Find it on Amazon

This 200 page spooky graphic novel centres around a young girl forced to move to a strange town full of graves. When a mysterious blue light, or Will O’ The Wisp, out in the swamp attacks several of the town’s residents Aurora must find a way to uncover the town’s secrets and save her Grandfather.

Our main character is pre-teen Aurora who, after the untimely loss of her parents (to mushroom poisoning) is sent to live with her only remaining family member; a mysterious grandfather she’s never met. Aurora is a curious and brave young girl, willing to go to extreme lengths to help others. Her Grandfather, Silver, turns out to be a rather fascinating character himself. Amongst other intriguing things he casts skeletons for medical schools and lives in a creepy gothic style mansion with Missy, his loyal (and adorable!) pet raccoon. Amongst the eerie setting there are a whole host of other interesting yet strange characters to be found in this graphic novel, most notably Mama Nonnie the local Hoodoo woman.

Due to the graphic novel format, with it’s beautifully drawn illustrations, at times the story did lack the depth that I have come to expect from reading novels. Thankfully though this didn’t detract from how much I enjoyed the read, nor did it stop me from eagerly wanting to find out what would happen next.

Apparently Will O’ The Wisp is only the first in a planned series of Aurora Grimeon stories from production designer Tom Hammock and illustrator Megan Hutchinson. After enjoying this first installment, I for one am definitely interested in reading future adventures starring Aurora and co.

3.5/5 Halloween Pumpkins

3 half pumpkins

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