Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What I've Been Watching Lately

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For a while now I've been wanting to bring back something in place of the 'Monthly Film Roundup' mini review style posts that I used to write but was unsure what format to go with. Inspired by Gillian over at Elevator Musik, who recently started a Netflix based series, this time I've decided not just to focus on film but to include TV as well. Here's what I've been watching lately...

Breaking Bad (Seasons 1 & 2)
This incredibly popular, Emmy award winning drama series focuses on Walter White, a chemistry teacher who discovers he has lung cancer and turns to a life of crime in order to secure the financial future of his family. After three previous failed attempts to start watching this show (I just couldn't get interested enough...!) I've finally been making some progress and have just finished season 2. So many people adore Breaking Bad and whilst I'm not quite there yet I am looking forward to finding out what happens next. If you're a fan I'd love to know whether you knew right from the first episode or if it took you a while to fall in love with the show... let me know in the comments! ✯✯✯

Orange Is The New Black (Season 1)
This Netflix original is based on the real-life story of Piper Kerman who found herself in a women's prison years after getting caught up with the wrong people and delivering a suitcase of drug money. This is actually another show that failed to hold my attention first time round, but I recently caught up on the full series after hearing constant recommendations. I really liked the flashback format where the other prisoners past lives are also explored but even after finishing the series this one still hasn't completely won me over. ✯✯✯

Frankenweenie, dir. Tim Burton (2012)
When Victor's beloved dog Sparky dies suddenly he turns to science to bring him back to life. In true Frankenstein style other people aren't as pleased to see the new version of Sparky, leaving Victor to prove that he's still the perfect pet. I was hoping to review this film in full as part of next month's Halloween series however after watching it I decided there wasn't enough I wanted to say. As much as I love stop-motion animation and Tim Burton's unique creations I was disappointed by the film and felt that it would have worked better as a short. Having said that I did enjoy all of the references to the classic horror films that have clearly inspired Burton's work over the years and I can't deny that Sparky the dog was adorable! ✯✯

About Time, dir. Richard Curtis (2013)
At age 21 Tim discovers a huge family secret - the men in his family are all able to travel through time and change their own lives, and so Tim begins his journey to improve both his own life and those of his loved ones. Whilst I'll admit this isn't my usual kind of film so I definitely walked in to the cinema feeling sceptical I actually really quite enjoyed it. Yes, this was probably in part due to the fact that Bill Nighy is always awesome but I'd definitely watch it again sometime! ✯✯✯

If you have any TV or film recommendations for me please leave suggestions in the comments below!
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