Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The September & October TBR Pile


After last month's half-fail, I'm determined to do a better job with my TBR list for September and October. This time round I'm sharing my TBR list for the next two months as I am planning to review the Horror/Thriller books listed below as part of a Halloween themed mini series here next month. I know it might seem crazy to be talking Halloween themed posts in early September, and to be honest it's actually August whilst I'm writing this post... but stick with me on this one - I promise I have a plan!

First up, and totally off theme, I'm putting both Paper Towns (John Green) and A Really Awesome Mess (Cook & Halpin) back into the mix after being disappointed that I didn't manage to find time for them in August. I also thought they might make a nice break from the Halloween themed reads!

Next up I have four books via Netgalley, each with their own form of Horror theme. Parasite (Mira Grant) is a Sci-Fi/Horror set in a future world where humanity no longer has to deal with sickness or disease, what could possibly go wrong?! I did briefly try reading Feed, one of Grant's other books, last year however I couldn't get on with it so I'm hoping Parasite will be more engaging.
The second ebook on the list is Sick (Tom Leveen) a post-apocolyptic zombie novel which has intriguingly been labelled 'The Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead'. Next up is YA Dystopian Foreverland Is Dead (Tony Bertauski), another one I didn't quite get around to in August and finally we have Witch Hunt (Tabitha Morrow) a tale set in New Salem where teenager Ruth discovers her friends are witches.
Completing my themed reads are three books all recognisable because of their film adaptations - Red Riding Hood (Sarah Blakley-Cartwright & David Leslie Johnson), The Hole (Guy Burt) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (Lois Duncan). Although I haven't yet seen Red Riding Hood due to hearing some terrible reviews, back in the day I enjoyed the adaptations of both The Hole and I Know What You Did Last Summer so I'm looking forward to re-visiting them in book format, and perhaps even re-visiting the films too.

Last up we have Everlost (Neal Shusterman) the final title to cross off of my 'Books I Vow To Read in 2013' list over at Blogger's Bookshelf. I chose to include Everlost as one of my five picks because last year I read Shusterman's Unwind which I really loved. I'm looking forward to starting this series and hoping it will be just as good as Unwind.

Do you have any horror recommendations?
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