Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday DIY: Simple Bead Bracelets

diy simple bead bracelet 1
diy simple bead bracelet 3

Pretty, simple and perfect as a gift these beaded bracelets are a great little DIY to remember and best of all the technique itself is completely customisable to suit your personal taste. Switch simple glass beads for shapes or something sparkly, or swap delicate silver chain for chunky gold - whatever your style follow these simple steps to create your own...

To make your own you will need - beads, an eyepin, chain, jump rings, a clasp, flat and round nosed pliers, wire cutters

1. Take an eyepin and thread on your bead/s
Tip - Odd numbers of beads always look best!

2. To create a loop at the other end of the eyepin, take flat nosed pliers and bend the remaining wire to a 90° angle

3. Use wire cutters to trim off any excess then use your round-nosed pliers to create a loop

4. Using small jump rings and pliers attach a length of chain to each side of your beads, then use two more jump rings to attach the clasp to the other ends

That's all there is to it! Happy DIY-ing!  
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