Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday DIY: Layered Chain Bracelets

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I know, I know another bracelet DIY but I just couldn't resist this one - this style is on trend right now and is super easy to replicate with just a few basic supplies!

Here's what you'll need:
  • pieces of chain - variety is key, try to use different thicknesses, styles and colours
  • jump rings - opt for a larger size, 8mm or above, to make sure you can fit on all of the chains
  • a clasp - personally I prefer lobster clasps as they are easiest to fasten
  • jewellery pliers - any flat-nosed pliers will do!
  • nail polish - optional if you would like to create a coloured bracelet

1. Measure around your wrist and cut as many pieces of chain as you would like for your bracelet

2. If you want your bracelet to be coloured the next step is to lay the lengths of chain on top of some scrap paper and carefully paint them with nail polish. Of course if you want to keep the bracelet plain skip this step!

3. When you have all of your pieces of chain ready, open up a jump ring using pliers and thread on the chains one by one. Close up the jump ring then repeat this step for the other end of the chains

4. The final step is to add on a clasp and your bracelet is ready to wear... simple! :)

If you don't fancy having a go at making your own here are some of the high street & designer alternatives that inspired this DIY...

- Two Layer Chain Bracelet, £10 Urban Outfitters
- Twin Chain Bracelet, £96.69 Rebekka Rebekka
- Sterling Silver Multi Chain Bracelet, £39.99 Argos
- Multi Chains Bracelet, £29.99 Mango
- Mixed Multi Chain Bracelet, £8.50 Topshop
- Chains Pyrite Bracelet, £32 Tilly Doro
- Plaited Multi Chain Bracelet, £12.50 Dorothy Perkins
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