Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday DIY: Double Spike Earrings

diy double spike earrings

Today's DIY is so simple that it doesn't even require a step-by-step tutorial! Double spiked earrings, or faux plugs, can be found in many high street stores as well as from designer brands but its really easy to make your own at home with some basic supplies.

diy double spike earrings

All you'll need is - screwback spike studs, earring posts with backs (non-butterfly style) and strong glue such as E6000

1. Take one of your spikes and remove the screw. Use strong glue to attach on an earring post

2. Next you'll need to create the spike for the back. Your earring back should fit snuggly into where the screw would normally go - just use strong glue to attach it into place and you're done!

Tip! - why not paint the spikes with your favourite nail polish?

Would you wear the double spiked earring look?
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