Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dexter Week - A Very Dexter Breakfast

The opening sequence of Dexter is definitely one of my favourites and has been since I watched the very first episode. From the music to the way that the close-up shots make Dexter's everyday morning routine seem sinister, it fits the themes of the show perfectly and is clearly very well thought out.

The sequence, creatively directed by Eric Anderson, has been heavily analysed by many bloggers and critics due to its use of iconography. The idea of the 'mundane' becoming a series of striking images representative of who Dexter really is - a psychopath and serial killer - is a clever idea that has had audiences captivated over 8 seasons. As well as acting as an exploration of who the character is, it also references the idea of Dexter putting together his 'cover image' - the character he wears on a daily basis to hide the truth. The imagery itself seems to also mirror crime scene photography - another reference to the content of the show as Dexter is often found camera in hand at a crime scene as part of his day job as a blood spatter analyst.

There's so much to discuss when it comes to these credits but I'm going to leave it here with a quote from Dexter actor Michael C. Hall on filming the famous sequence (source) -

"While we were shooting on the stage next door, we were shooting stuff at the police precinct, and I would just run over there whenever there was a break, and do the little pieces. Whether it was putting on a shirt or tying my shoes or eating ham. And it’s funny because it all felt so hurried and haphazard and an afterthought but it obviously turned into one of the iconic images of the show. It lived on more perpetually than anything I ever did anywhere else. I just think it was eerie, creepy, weirdly beautiful and simultaneously mundane and heightened. It was just a perfect introduction to the character and the world of the show ... the way the little ding at the end of the song coincides with that half smile and look up as Dexter walks out of his apartment — that really sets him up in a great way."

Sadly we're now nearing the end of Dexter Week but don't forget to check back tomorrow for an edible Dexter-themed DIY. Intrigued?... I'll see you tomorrow!

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