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Dexter Week - Five Best Villains

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Welcome to the very first post of Dexter Week! I've decided to kick off this mini series with the bad guys, those that if we're honest we were all routing for Dexter to catch. Interestingly enough of the five I've chosen only two were actually killed by Dexter in the end but all five are worthy of the villain title.

*Contains spoilers for all seasons - don't say I didn't warn you!

dexter villans sirko

5. Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson), Season 7
Unsure about who to choose as number five as there were several contenders... DDK, Prado, Lila, even Doakes, I finally settled on season 7's Isaak Sirko. Head of the Koshka brotherhood Sirko proved just how deadly he was when he single handedly murdered three rivals after Dexter's attempt to set him up. Interestingly unlike the other 'big bads' who are being hunted down by Dexter, Isaak is the one who initially attempts to catch Dexter and get revenge for the death of Viktor. In a strange twist Sirko later teamed up with Dexter when he needed someone to assist him in taking out two hit men, and in the end it isn't Dexter that kills Isaak. Instead he fulfils his dying wish by taking him to the part of the ocean where Viktor's body was disposed of and throws his body into the ocean to rest there too.

dexter villans jordan chase

4. Jordan Chase/Eugene Greer (Jonny Lee Miller), Season 5
Secret leader of the incredibly creepy group responsible for the Barrel Girls case, Chase made his fortune as a motivational speaker and author teaching, or rather manipulating, others to "take it now". Although he never directly killed the majority of his victims and therefore could not be connected to the crimes by Miami Metro, he was the brains behind the murders of the twelve barrel girls (all electrocuted by accomplice Boyd Fowler). Chase was aware that the newly formed killing duo of Dexter and Lumen knew his secret but still thought that his fame and fortune would save him from the kill table. With the catchphrase that haunted victim Lumen, 'Tick tick tick, that's the sound of your life running out', Chase makes it to number 4 on my list.

dexter villands hannah mckay

3. Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), Seasons 7 & 8
Only making her first appearance in season 7, it seems that Hannah has quickly become one of the most talked about 'villans' in Dexter history, not to mention the only female to make the list. She was off to a bad start in my books straight away when I saw her holding a dead rabbit but of course she's guilty of worse crimes than that. Hannah began killing early when she was on the run with ex-boyfriend and killer Wayne Randall. Moving on from her teenage years Hannah turned to poison as a fool-proof method of getting rid of anyone who stood in her way, despite claiming that she doesn't enjoy killing. As I write this post Hannah is also the only member of the list to still be alive after escaping Dexter's kill table and somehow becoming his girlfriend and more recently someone Harrison apparently wants to be his new mother! As much as I'm not a fan the fact that she has survived this long justifies that Hannah is deserving of a spot on the list.

dexter villans ice truck killer

2. The Ice Truck Killer/Brian Moser/Rudy Cooper (Christian Camargo), Season 1
How could I choose a top 5 and not include our first main antagonist, Dexter's biological brother Brian? Unlike his brother, Brian was not saved and taught a 'code' for killing, instead he grew up in a mental institution with the same urge to kill as Dexter. From draining his victim's bodies of blood to leaving dismembered Barbie dolls in his fridge Brian played games with Dexter throughout the entire season and gained the nickname 'The Ice Truck Killer' from the team at Miami Metro after using one as a way to transport his victim's bloodless bodies. Taking on the alias of Rudy Cooper, a prosthetic surgeon, Brian managed to also work his way into Debra's life as a way to get closer to Dexter but eventually his plan backfired when, to his horror, Dexter chose his adopted sister over his biological brother.

dexter villans trinity

1. Trinity/Arthur Mitchell, (John Lithgow), Season 4
Similarly to the majority of Dexter fans I still believe that the all-time best, and creepiest, villain was season 4's Trinity. Just like Dexter, Trinity was 'born in blood' when at age 10 he witnessed the death of his sister, and his cycle of kills which represented the traumatic deaths of his childhood, followed by his sister, mother and finally his father was born. After discovering that just like him Trinity is in fact a family man himself, Dexter let him live a little longer in an attempt to learn more from him about how to balance his life as a killer with his life as a husband and father. Trinity was eventually of course killed by Dexter however in the most memorable of season finales it is revealed that Trinity had in fact murdered Dexter's wife Rita just hours earlier, leaving their son Harrison sitting in a pool of blood, just as Dexter did when his mother was murdered.

Who would make your top 5? 
Tomorrow I'll be talking fashion (!) with some style inspiration from Debra Morgan...

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