Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dexter Week - DIY Blood Slide Candy

blood slide candy dexter diy

The way I saw it there weren't a whole lot of Dexter DIY possibilities that were both plausible and interesting... As much as I'd love to cover a room in my house with plastic sheeting (?!) I didn't think my parents would be particularly impressed, so I decided to go with the sensible choice and have a little fun in the kitchen instead. So here it is - my edible Dexter themed DIY - how awesome are these little candy versions of blood slides?!

The slides are made from hard candy, created by boiling a mixture of sugar, water, liquid glucose and cream of tartar. The 'blood drips' are just red food colouring added on at the end using a cocktail stick! The original idea for these came from Forkable however I ending up following an adapted recipe from yoyomax12 on YouTube.  

The most difficult part of the process was creating the uniform rectangle shapes without cracking the candy (although if you do smash some it looks like shattered glass which can be used to decorate cupcakes for a Halloween party!). In the adapted version of the recipe the outlines of the slides are scored onto the candy sheet whilst it is still warm, meaning you can snap it into pieces later on rather than having to heat up a blade for each cut through the hard candy once it has set - which is why I chose to follow this method.

If you want to make your own you can find full instructions for both versions of the recipe by following these links - Forkable | Yoyomax12 (info in the drop down box) - my main piece of advice would be to, if possible, make them on the day you want to serve them and keep them in the fridge as if you're not careful they will melt and make a sticky mess!

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