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Dexter Week - Dearly Devoted Dexter (Giveaway!)

dearly devoted dexter

Although the TV adaptation veers away from the novels after Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the second book in the series, does have one particular element that was also included in the show; the ever-suspicious Doakes tailing Dexter 24/7. When we rejoin Dexter after the events of the previous book he is stuck in a rut struggling to balance his life as a serial killer with his ‘cover’ life. Doakes has always been suspicious that there is something not quite right about Dexter, and as we know he’s very much right, however in Dearly Devoted Dexter the two are forced to team up to achieve a mutual goal.

In this instalment we are introduced to several people who fit ‘Harry’s code’ including a truly terrifying main antagonist named Dr. Danco. His methods are extreme choosing to torture his victims by slowly amputating unessential parts of their bodies in a very surgical way whilst they are forced to watch via a mirror. At times the descriptions are fairly graphic and there are more than a few lost limbs to be found in this book.

Since it is written in the first person, the book does lack somewhat in terms of exploration of the other characters. Whilst Dexter’s internal monologues make for an interesting read it would also be nice to gain more of an insight into the rest of the characters, in particular Deb who as a viewer of the TV series I feel has a lot more potential than she is perhaps awarded in the novels.

One very interesting element however is Dexter’s relationship with Cody, girlfriend Rita’s young son. In this chapter we learn that Dexter sees himself in Cody and has thoughts of teaching him the code. This is something that differs completely from the TV adaptation but a very intriguing subject to perhaps be explored in the rest of the novels.

Dearly Devoted Dexter with its extremely creepy antagonist is overall an entertaining read, however I stand by my earlier conclusion that the TV adaptation tells a better story. Having said that I do think its definitely worth delving into the book series if you’re a Dexter fan – it has definitely helped me through the fact that the series is about to end!

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