Sunday, 15 September 2013

A 'P.S.- You're Invited' DIY

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Earlier this week I shared my thoughts on a new DIY/craft book from successful blogger Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This... and for today's DIY post I wanted to share one of her simple but effective ideas with you. The project I've chosen to share is the Clear Cascade Earrings from the 'Make A Splash' beach club inspired section of the book. These earrings only take about 5 minutes to make but have a really unique look, here's how it's done...

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All you'll need is 2 earring wires, 6 jump rings, clear plastic tubing, pliers & scissors

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1. The first step is creating your clear rings by cutting 10 thin rings from the tubing

Tip! - You'll only need a piece of tube approximately 1cm long for this craft so why not use the rest of your tubing for another DIY project?

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2. You're essentially going to be creating a short chain so start by opening up a jump ring, threading on two clear rings and closing the jump ring

3. Lay out your chain so that you have a clear ring, followed by a jump ring and then another clear ring. To one of the clear rings add on another jump ring plus three more clear rings - this will form the detail at the bottom of the earring

4. At the other end add on one final jump ring plus an earring wire to the clear ring. Repeat the above steps to create a second earring and you're done!

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Happy DIY-ing!  
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