Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday DIY: Embellished Bobby Pins

bobby pins diy

Another simple project for you this weekend with a little hair accessory makeover! There are tons of ideas and tutorials out there for making your plain old bobby pins prettier but here's a couple of ideas to get you started...

1. Nail polish - the easiest way to make an instant difference is to use something that most of us already have lying around - nail polish! Paint the bobby pins in your favourite colours, or coordinate them with your outfit

2. Embroidery threads - wrapping brightly coloured or metallic threads around the bobby pins also makes a huge difference by adding both colour and texture. You can cover the whole pin by simply wrapping the thread around or alternatively make more of a pattern with them (as shown on the flower pins above)

3. Buttons/cabochons - with a little blob of strong adhesive you can attach any flat-backed embellishments you'd like - buttons, flowers and even studs all look great! If you don't have an iron on stud (with a flat back), you can easily use a regular stud - just cut a small piece of foam sheet and pop it inside the stud to create the flat surface for the glue. For an example of this technique take a look at my DIY Studded Earrings post

4. Charms - the charm designs were inspired by this Forever 21 set featuring golden arrows which are simply attached to the pin using small jump rings

Which look is your favourite?
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