Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Midweek DIY - Statement Necklace

diy statement necklace

For today's DIY project I wanted to bring you something bright, bold and fun for what's left of the British summer, hopefully I've managed to achieve that with this spontaneous design!

To create your own version you will need - metal charms, a chain, pliers, small jump rings, tweezers, nail gems, bright nail polishes & clear nail polish (an additional glaze is optional)

diy statement necklace tutorial

1. The first step is to paint your charms with bright nail polishes and leave them to dry fully. Some polishes may require more than one coat, it just depends on what colours/brands you choose

I used Barry M Mint Green, Nails Inc Bluebell, Natural Collection Hibiscus & H&M Lemon Tree and found that the Nails Inc polish only needed one coat where as I had to apply two for the others

2. Apply a tiny amount of clear polish to the base of your gems and use it to carefully stick them onto the charms. I found that using tweezers to place the gems made things much easier

3. You can then go in and apply a clear coat of polish all over the surface of your charms. This will even out any streaks/marks, protect the surface and make sure the gems are secure as well as giving a glossy finish

If you want to make your charms more hard-wearing you can also apply a glaze once the coat of polish has fully dried

4. Once your charms are dry its time to fix them onto the chain. This step is really very simple - use your pliers to open up a jump ring, thread it through one of the links in your chain, thread on a charm and close up the jump ring. Repeat this process until you've added all the charms and your one of a kind statement necklace is ready to wear!

Happy DIY-ing!
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