Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Blogging Roundup

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The monthly 'Blogging Roundup' is a re-cap post with links to all of my DIYs and entertainment reviews of the last four weeks plus any other blog-related favourites. (Usually featuring an un-related image also taken that month!)

DIY & Crafts
Marc Jacobs Inspired Bangles - an easy to do woven design using scooby string
Jump Ring Necklaces - two ways to make your own high-street inspired piece
Comic Book Box - a simple decoupage project that looks super effective
Spiral Midi Rings - another Summer trend made easy with this step-by-step tutorial
Washer Bracelet - an incredibly simple but stylish idea that requires no jewellery making tools
Wrapped Sunglasses - part two of my embellished sunglasses DIYs
Paper Straw Frames - another simple idea, inspired by The Tomkat Studio
Polka Dot Shorts - a quick way to upcycle a boring old pair ofshorts for the summer months
Kate Spade Inspired Bangle - perfect for stacking at festival season

Entertainment Reviews
The Monsters In Your Neighborhood by Jesse Petersen (2013) - the sequel to the awesome Club Monstrosity
Shallow Pond by Alissa Grosso (2013) - a small town tale with a big twist
Requiem by Lauren Oliver (2013) - the final installment in the Delirium series
Anxiety 101 by Eudene Harry (2013) - a non-fiction book dealing with the root causes of anxiety

Also this month
I was very kindly nominated for another blogger award, this time by the lovely Michelle from Shellington Boot passed on the Sunshine Award - thank you Michelle! :)

What did you write about in July?
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