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DIY Candy: Kracie Marumete Pandango (c/o Cybercandy)

Kracie Marumete Pandango Kit c/o Cybercandy

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When Cybercandy contacted me about reviewing another product from their range of sweets and treats the Kracie Marumete Pandango kit caught my eye straight away! I'd already heard a little bit about these Japanese kits in the blogging and YouTube community and as you know I love a good DIY project so of course I wanted to try one out for myself.
The kit comes with everything you need to make a cute little 'rice' panda treat complete with 'soy' dipping sauce, all you need to do is add water! Here's how it works...

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The kit contains three sachets, a measuring spoon, a stick and a mixing tray
Tip - if you want to make up the dipping sauce then you will also need a small pot!

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Sachet number one is for the body and head of the panda and requires three spoonfuls of water to mix up to the right consistency. Once properly mixed together you can split it up into two sections and roll into balls - the texture feels a little like play-doh at this point!

cybercandy kracie pandango 56

Next up is sachet 2 - the black mixture for your Panda's face, ears, hands and feet
Tip - this time the video instructions suggest using 1 spoonful of water however I would recommend starting with half a spoon and adding more if needed, otherwise it can get quite sticky and difficult to shape

cybercandy kracie pandango 89

To complete your panda all you have to do is slide the finished body and head onto the plastic stick provided - doesn't he look cute?!

cybercandy kracie pandango 90

The final sachet is the 'soy sauce' which needs to measures of water. This time you use the corner of the mixing tray as your measure instead of the spoon

Time to eat!

cybercandy kracie pandango 99

This little panda creation is almost too cute to eat but in the name of reviewing I did have to sample it (sorry little panda!). The texture is quite strange, very soft and squishy... like a dough or even a heavy version of jelly. The best way I can come up with to describe the taste is to simply say that its like a sweet rice and is unlike any other candy/sweets I've tried. The sauce definitely has the scent of real soy sauce however it also has a very sweet taste to compliment the panda.

Personally I think that this kit would make a great novelty gift if you're looking for something a unusual to buy for friends/family although you'd probably have to point them in the direction of a how-to video or blog post as there are no English instructions provided in the kit!

Thank you to Cybercandy for the opportunity to try out this unusual sweet treat!

Have you tried anything from the Kracie range?
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