Tuesday, 27 August 2013

August Reads

august reads

As suspected I didn't do very well with my TBR list this month although I did at least manage to make my way through the new releases. Here's a quick rundown on the four books I read...

First up I read the first two books in the Earth Girl series (Janet Edwards) - 2012's Earth Girl & recent release Earth Star. The series takes place in the future where humans are able to easily travel around the universe and follows 18 year-old Jarra who has a handicap that means she is unable to leave Earth. Unfortunately this technology-based YA series didn't end up becoming a favourite of mine however there were several elements that reminded me of the Uglies series (Scott Westerfeld) so if you're a big fan of those this series might be one for your TBR. You can find my review of Earth Star on Blogger's Bookshelf.

Instead of taking notice of the two books I had chosen from my ideas jar I caved and opted for Dearly Devoted Dexter, the second book in Jeff Lindsay's Dexter series. I won't go into too much detail but overall I enjoyed this instalment of the story more than the first. I will however let you in on a little secret - there will be a week of Dexter-themed posts here at e-elise etc during the week leading up to the series finale next month! Amongst other things this mini series will include both a review and a sneaky little giveaway featuring Dearly Devoted Dexter so if you're keen to read this one check back in September for your chance to win a copy!

Favourite read of the month definitely goes to Jody Casella's debut novel Thin Space which is due for release next month. The book is a YA supernatural mystery based on a unique premise and packed with interesting ideas and likable characters. I'll be posting a full review of Thin Space next week over at Blogger's Bookshelf so keep an eye out for that if you're curious to find out more!

*Earth Star & Thin Space c/o Netgalley 

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