Thursday, 29 August 2013

August Blogging Roundup


The monthly 'Blogging Roundup' is a re-cap post with links to all of my DIYs and entertainment reviews of the last four weeks plus any other blog-related favourites. (Usually featuring an un-related image also taken that month!)

DIY & Crafts
Paper Heart Garland - turn old book pages into pretty home decor
Statement Necklace - use nail polish and gems to create bold statement jewellery
Soy Sauce Kale Chips - a tasty twist on this healthy snack
Braided Seed Bead Bracelet - use tiger tail thread to create a pretty braided bracelet
Embellished Bobby Pins - jazz up your plain bobby pins with charms, metallic threads and buttons
Chicken Noodle Soup - a quick meal idea that's super easy to prepare
Marc Jacobs Inspired Earrings - another simple project for the hardware jewellery collection
Recycled Plastic Jewellery - how to turn #6 plastic into shrinkle accessories

Entertainment Reviews
Earth Star by Janet Edwards (2013) -  the second instalment in the story of Jarra Tell Morath
Data Runner by Sam A. Patel (2013) - technology meets parkour in this YA science fiction tale
You Still Won't Believe It's Gluten-Free, Roben Ryberg (2013) - a selection of gluten-free recipes

Also this month
The lovely Lauren of OhHAY! was very kind to me this month as not only did she nominate me for a blogging award, she also featured me and my shop in her LiveMakeDesign series. Don't forget to head over to Lauren's blog and have a read!

What did you blog about in August?
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