Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday DIY: Two Ways To Make Jump Ring Necklaces

jump ring necklace 49

This weekend's DIY is inspired by high street jewellery pieces created using basic jewellery findings in place of beads to create a striking effect that fits in well with the hardware trend. Here are two ways to make your own version...

Design 1 (my personal favourite!) is a really simplified version of the high street designs as it features just one strand rather than multiple layers. I took colour inspiration from an Accessorize piece and used turquoise cord for a pop of colour that's great for summertime.

To make this necklace you will need - 1.5mm waxed cord, a toggle clasp, pliers and lots of 5mm jump rings (approx 400)

jump ring necklace 3

Cut a length of waxed cord depending on the length of necklace you would like to make - remember to allow a little extra for the knots and attaching the clasp.

Tie a knot in the cord where you would like the jump rings to start and thread on as many as you want then finish with another knot to hold them in place.

jump ring necklace 4

Open up a jump ring using your pliers then fold over one end of your cord to form a loop (as shown above) and wrap the jump ring around it and press down to secure in place. Repeat this for the other end of the cord.

Finally attach your toggle clasp and your necklace is finished!

layered jump ring necklace

Design 2 has the popular layered collar look but also has a softer edge with the satin cord.

To make this necklace you will need - satin cord, 2 folding crimp ends, lots of 5mm jump rings (approx 150), short lengths of chain & a springring clasp

layered jump ting necklace 2

This time you will need to cut three pieces of cord, each a slightly different length to create the collar look.

Take one end of each cord and secure together inside a crimp using pliers. Thread on your jump rings then secure the other end of the cords with another crimp.

Use pliers and jump rings to attach your clasp to the chain and then the chain to the crimps, and you're done!

high st necklaces inspiration
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