Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday DIY : Spiral Midi Rings

diy above knuckle rings 1

Midi or 'above knuckle' rings are a trend that has been going strong for a while now and shows no sign of fading out over the summer months. Usually delicate and dainty they somehow often still manage to fall into the 'statement jewellery' category and are perfect for festival season. 
Here's how you can make your own spiral midi rings...

diy above knuckle rings 2

Supplies - jewellery wire, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, a pen
Tip! - If you don't have any jewellery wire try using a large paperclip

diy above knuckle rings 3

First up you'll need to cut a piece of wire the right length - measure around your finger, triple this measurement to allow enough wire to create the spirals, and cut

diy above knuckle rings 4

Take your round nose pliers and wrap one end of the wire around them to create a loop

Use your pliers to grip the wire and start bending it around that first loop into a spiral (as shown above)

diy above knuckle rings 5

Take your pen and wrap the wire around it to create the rounded shape - you may have to work with it a little bit until it is the right size, just keep tweaking the wire with your pliers if you need to

diy above knuckle rings 6

Once you're happy with the size its time to finish off with a second spiral, created in the same way as the first

Again, start with a small loop at the end of the wire, clamp it down between your pliers and bend the length of wire around it to create the spiral

Re-shape the ring again if necessary, and you're done! Happy DIY-ing! 
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