Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Midweek DIY: Woven Bangles (Marc Jacobs Inspired)

Today's DIY is a designer-inspired accessory that's perfect for the summer months. These bangles from Marc by Marc Jacobs caught my eye recently with their bold colours and pretty woven designs but with the original bracelets (shown below) being priced at £75 for one bracelet and £120 for a set of two a DIY version seemed like a much better idea.

marc jacobs bracelets 3

So, what's the cost of DIY version? 
Purchased supplies: A set of five plastic bangles = £1, pack of (30) scooby strings = £1.40
From the cupboard: glue gun, scissors, iron, greaseproof paper
You only need 4-5 scooby strings per bracelet which makes the total price of one bracelet under 45p!

Here's how to make your own...

If you're using round scooby string instead of flat plastic lacing cord then the first step is to prepare the strings by ironing them flat. Place the string between sheets of greaseproof paper and iron on a high heat without steam

diy marc jacobs inspired woven bangle 2

Cut three lengths of string slightly longer than needed to wrap all of the way around your bangle and use a glue gun to attach them in a row at one end

diy marc jacobs inspired woven bangle 3

Take a second colour string and weave it through the others

diy marc jacobs inspired woven bangle 4

Take your glue gun and stick the end of this string inside the bangle so it will stay in place whilst you weave but will also be hidden when wearing the bracelet

diy marc jacobs inspired woven bangle 5

Continue weaving and wrapping around the bracelet until you have used up your length of string and make sure to secure the end of it down with glue, again inside the bangle so it will be hidden

diy marc jacobs inspired woven bangle 6

Start a new string in the same way as before, you can switch up the colour at this point if you want to!

diy marc jacobs inspired woven bangle 7

Repeat this process until you have wrapped all the way around the bangle, or have finished up a string but only have a small space left to fill (as shown above). If this is the case glue the ends of the original strings (blue) down onto the bangle

diy marc jacobs inspired woven bangle 8

You can fill a small space like this by just wrapping a string around the bangle and securing with glue - this will also cover up where you have applied glue to the outside of the bangle before, giving a neater finish

diy marc jacobs inspired woven bangle 9

If you don't want a plain woven bracelet try splitting the bracelet up into quarters by adding wrapped sections in between the woven ones (shown above left) - you can really get creative with your colours and designs for this project and make each bracelet one of a kind to suit your own personal style!

Happy DIY-ing!
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