Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Midweek DIY: Paper Straw Frames

diy paper straw frame 1

Today's DIY is based on this post over at The Tomkat Studio, a party inspiration website. If you'd like to create pretty frames to hold photos, postcards, letters etc in just a few minutes read on to find out how...

diy paper straw frame 2

To make these frames you will need - pretty paper straws, scissors, thread/twine, a large needle & a spare five minutes!

diy paper straw frame 3

1. The first step is to get the straws the right size. Measure them against the piece of card that you want to frame and simply cut using scissors

diy paper straw frame 4

2. To be able to slide the straw onto the edge of the card you'll need to cut a slit the whole way along using your scissors. Although it can be tricky as the straws are round, try to get this line as straight as possible & repeat for the other straw

diy paper straw frame 6

3. Next its time to add a string for hanging. Thread your twine onto a large needle and tie a knot at the end - this will make sure it stays in place later.

4. Pierce the straw with the needle, feed through the twine & tie another knot on the top

diy paper straw frame 7

5. Leave a length of twine that is long enough to hang the frame and tie another knot before piercing the straw again. Similarly for this side, remove the needle and tie another knot which will sit inside the straw to make sure the twine doesn't fall out

diy paper straw frame 8

6. Slide the hanging straw onto the top of your card and the second straw onto the bottom and you're frame is done!

Don't forget to checkout the original post over at The Tomkat Studio.
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