Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Midweek DIY: Kate Spade Inspired Bangle

diy kate spade bracelet 8

Today I have another designer inspired DIY tutorial for you, this time based on some colourful charm bracelets by Kate Spade. These are the perfect accessory for the summer months and can be customised with different colours and charms. Here's how to make your own version on a budget...

Original bracelets by Kate Spade

diy kate spade inspired bracelet 2

You will need - a plain bangle, a glue gun, coloured waxed cords (or alternative thread/string), jump rings, pliers, a small charm (key shown above available at Sawyer & Scout)

diy kate spade inspired bracelet 3

1. Cut long lengths of your waxed cord, one in each colour and secure onto your bangle

You can either use a glue gun to stick the cords onto the bangle, or you can clamp a jump ring around them to keep them in place as shown above - this method is much less messy!

diy kate spade inspired bracelet 5

2. Wrap the cords around the bangle until around half is covered

diy kate spade inspired bracelet 6

3. Open up your jump ring using pliers, add on a charm and then close

4. Thread the jump ring onto the cords and adjust into place, then continue wrapping the cords around the bangle as before 

diy kate spade inspired bracelet 7

5. Once you have wrapped the whole bangle finish off by sticking down the loose ends with your glue gun

Alternatively, to cover the join, find a piece of fabric in a complimentary colour and glue this over the loose ends instead

Happy DIY-ing!
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