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July Reads

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Welcome to another month in books, I can't quite believe its time again already! I've been speeding through my TBR list recently meaning that I'm rapidly approaching the finish line with my goal of 52 books in 2013. Here's what I read in July...

First up this month I read and reviewed The Monsters In Your Neighborhood (Jesse Petersen), sequel to April's fantastic Club Monstrosity. Although I didn't quite enjoy this book as much as the first it was still a great, fun read and the perfect pick-me-up after finishing Pretty Girl Thirteen at the end of June. [You can find my Monsters review here]

Next I was extremely disappointed by popular YA/sci-fi tale Across The Universe (Beth Revis). I found the first chapter, detailing main character Amy and her parents being frozen, a really unique and promising start however things soon went downhill. The chapters in this book alternate between two characters' POVs, something I'm not a huge fan of in general, particularly in this case where I didn't really like either of the characters. Overall I unfortunately found it to be quite a boring read, although it seems to be a favourite with a lot of book maybe it's just me!

I also managed to finally finish the Delirium series (Lauren Oliver), albeit on a slightly disappointing note, with third and final book Requiem. Ever since the book was released earlier this year I have heard mixed reviews including a lot of disappointment surrounding the underwhelming open ending. As I said in my brief Goodreads review, I do understand that this story was never meant to be tied up in a neat bow with absolutely every question answered, however I was still a little annoyed about the sheer amount of questions I was left with. Reading Requiem felt like reading the middle of a trilogy rather than the final book but I did still enjoy it more than previous book Pandemonium.

Data Runner, a YA technology based tale, was also crossed off my TBR list this month. Although Data Runner had a really interesting premise I felt like it didn't quite reach its' potential as the beginning chapters were a bit of a technology 'info dump' and the action didn't really kick in until halfway through. A full review will be over on BB next week!

Thanks to my ideas jar the real wild card read of July was Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy, a YA novel in which Lauren follows the golden rule of 'write what you know'. She cleverly incorporates some of her own experiences of life as a reality TV star into her debut novel, targeting fans of shows like The Hills as her audience, however if you're looking to gain an insight into how these shows actually work you won't find much information here. As expected the book is full of Hollywood cliches and stereotypical characters and overall I felt like the storyline lacked imagination but if you want to hear more on that I'll have a full review of L.A. Candy over at Blogger's Bookshelf soon!

As planned I made a little bit of progress with Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway, reading only a couple of chapters so far, but I plan to continue with it every now and again.

A few extra books which weren't on my TBR list also somehow managed to make their way into my July reads. Although I haven't quite finished it yet, I made some progress with City Of Ashes (Cassandra Clare) despite the previous book being a huge disappointment. I also sped through Anxiety 101 (Dr. Eudene Harry), a non-ficiton book which I received for review via Netgalley. Although the book is packed with science I did find it interesting to learn more about that side of anxiety as well as some ideas for dealing with it.

What did you read in July?
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