Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bunny Snapshots #2

sawyer and scout

Originally I had this scheduled to go up last Thursday as a photo only post, but since at the time my little Squidge bunny was spending her second night at the vets and I was sitting at home worrying about her I thought it was best to postpone it.
Last Wednesday we had to rush her over to the vets as she wasn't eating or drinking (she's usually a greedy little thing!) and she ended up spending a couple of nights there being force fed, re-hydrated, and more pleasantly hopping around the garden with a tortoise friend! 
We happily picked her up on Friday afternoon, and brought her home along with four different types of medicines. Fortunately she improved loads thanks to her cocktail of medicines and all of the lovely staff at the vets who took very good care of her. 

A week later she's back living outside again with her partner in crime - team trouble have been reunited...


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