Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday DIY: Braided Hex Bracelets

diy hex bracelet 8

Since both my Washer Necklace & Ring tutorials seemed to go down well I thought I would share another hardware jewellery project with you this week. These tiny little hex nuts are great for using as an alternative to beads for a more unusual bracelet and look great against brightly coloured cords.

To make your own version you'll need - small hex nuts, 1.5mm waxed cord, strong glue, cord ends, assorted jump rings (2 small, 1 large), a lobster clasp, scissors, jewellery pliers, sticky tape

diy hex bracelet 2

Cut three lengths of waxed cord each one approximately twice the length you want the finished bracelet to be

Knot the cords together at one end and secure to a surface using sticky tape (or attach onto a clipboard if you have one!) and start braiding. Your initial section of plain braiding should be around 1/1.5 inches

diy hex bracelet 3

Then its time to start adding on the hex nuts as shown above and continue braiding them into the design

diy hex bracelet 4

For my bracelet I used 44 hex nuts in total, 22 on each side.

Once you have braided them all in and are happy with the design add on another 1/1.5 inch section of plain braiding

diy hex bracelet 5

Check the length of the bracelet is correct by wrapping it around your wrist or measuring it against another bracelet that fits then add a small amount of glue where you want the bracelet ends to be

Once that is dry snip off the ends so that the bracelet is the correct length and glue on your cord ends to secure everything in place

diy hex bracelet 6

Once the glue on the cord ends has dried you can attach a clasp.

I added a small jump ring onto each cord end followed by a lobster clasp on one side and a larger jump ring on the other

diy hex bracelet 7

If you want to make sure your bracelet is extra secure take your pliers and clamp down slightly on the cord ends so they are tight around the end of the braid where you applied the glue earlier and your bracelet is finished!

diy hex bracelet 9
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Happy DIY-ing!
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