Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Midweek DIY: Marble Printing Using Shaving Foam!

shaving foam print 1

Today's DIY is easy, fun and very messy! Marbled papers always look effective for cards, giftwrap and scrapbooking so when I found out that you could create this effect using shaving foam I was very intrigued. I first saw the idea on Pinterest which led me to having a little search around to see how it was done. There are lots of tutorials out there ranging from classroom art activity suggestions to table numbers for a fancy dinner party, but I thought I would share my own step-by-step photo guide with you too. 

Here's what you'll need:
- a can of shaving foam: I used Tesco Everyday Value which costs just 26p!
- paints: as far as I know any paints will work, I used poster paint as it is the cheapest
- a wooden skewer: alternatively use cocktail sticks
- a plastic tub: make sure the surface area is big enough for your card/tags etc
- kitchen roll & a bin liner: since this craft can get messy quickly I'd recommend having these to hand
- a piece of plastic or sturdy card: I used an expired storecard
- something to print onto: cards, gift tags etc

shaving foam print 2
Spray enough shaving foam into the tub so that it will cover the whole surface area and leave you with a layer of foam about an inch thick.

Use your piece of plastic/cardboard to smooth out the foam and create a fairly even layer, then add on drops of the paints.

shaving foam print 3
Next use your skewer/cocktail stick to swirl the paint around on the surface of the foam to create the marble effect.

Tip! Make sure you don't mix it in too much and let it stay sitting on the top layer.

shaving foam print 4
When you are happy with your design you're ready to start printing. Take the card that you want to print onto and carefully place it on top of the foam.

Lightly press it down until you think that the whole surface has been covered.

shaving foam print 5
Remove the card from the foam and place it onto some kitchen roll or scrap paper. It will look smudged like the one in the photo above but don't worry your marble print is hiding under there!

Then take your piece of plastic/strong card and drag it across the surface of the card that has been covered, wiping away the foam as you do so.

shaving foam print 6
You should be left with something that looks a little bit like this!

Set your print aside to dry, take your skewer and re-swirl the paint/foam and repeat the steps to create more prints.

shaving foam print 7

I made a few little notelets, gift tags and marbled some pieces of card to use for future projects as well as a couple of more unusual ideas - let me know if you'd be interested in seeing them! 

As Father's Day is coming up soon this could be a great project for children to create a homemade card!
 Happy DIY-ing! 
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