Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Midweek DIY : Jewellery Ideas For Waxed Cord Scraps

diy cord scrap ideas 1

I don't know about you guys but sometimes I get a little fed up of throwing away scraps when I've finished a project, I mean there must be some use for them, right?! Last Sunday I showed you a tutorial for making Hex Bracelets using waxed cord, a DIY supply I use frequently for bracelet projects. On either side of the middle portion of the bracelet was a section of plain braided cord that wasn't needed so, instead of throwing these away I decided to turn them into pieces of jewellery too!

Here's a couple of project ideas for using up all those scraps...

diy cord scrap ideas 2
diy cord scrap ideas 3

Just by adding a little glue and cord ends you can create a braided section for another bracelet or even to use as a pendant. I used jump rings to attach these braided sections to both a necklace and a bracelet

diy cord scrap ideas 4

With any other shorter scraps that can't be braided you can create a pedant or pair of earrings like these, again by adding a little glue and cord ends

If you get creative there are lots of projects to use up those scraps - good little ideas to remember if you often use waxed cord in your projects.

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Happy DIY-ing! 
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