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Five Favourite TV Friendships

tv friendships
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Today I'm taking a little break from the DIY themed posts to talk TV, more specifically TV friendships. Back in January I wrote a post titled 'Five TV Characters I'd Love To Be Friends With' which turned out to be quite popular so this time I've compiled a top 5 list of TV friendships that I love. I was certain about the first three but choosing the final two was a little more tricky.
Here's what I came up with in the end...

1. Ryan Atwood & Seth Cohen - The O.C.
These two were so unlikely to become friends but it just worked out perfectly. Not only did Ryan moving to Orange County save Seth from his high school nightmare of being friend-less and bullied but Seth and his family also saved Ryan from his own nightmare - time behind bars for the trouble his brother got him into. In the end Seth and Ryan became brothers but they were best friends too.

2. Meredith Grey & Christina Yang - Grey's Anatomy
The 'twisted sisters' have a more unconventional friendship than most but they understand each other perfectly. Right from the beginning of their time at Seattle Grace (then Seattle Grace mercy West, and now Grey Sloan Memorial...) they have been inseperable no matter what.

3. Zoe Hart & Lavon Hayes - Hart Of Dixie
My favourite Hart Of Dixie friendship has to be Zoe & Lavon, from the day she moved from New York to Alabama Lavon looked out for her and has been defending her city ways to the unimpressed people of Bluebell ever since. I also love that he calls her 'Z' (Zee)...

4. 'The Gang' - Friends
I thought about choosing a favourite pair from the Friends gang but then I realised I don't actually have one! As a group they have a little bit of everything and I think thats what makes the show work so well.

5.  Miranda Bailey & Richard Webber - Grey's Anatomy
Not your typical choice from Grey's but I've always loved both of these characters and their strong friendship over the 9 seasons. Characters come and go so often on Grey's that its nice to see these two survive so much and still, for the most part (because I'm trying to keep this season 9 spoiler free!) manage to remain friends.

Don't forget to leave a comment telling me who would make your top 5!
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