Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fast Food Baking! (Father's Day Inspiration)

fast food baking

When I saw this post over at Bakerella I just knew that I had to give the idea a try myself and make something similar for my dad this Father's day!

I kept the original ideas of a brownie 'burger', sponge cake 'buns' and sugar cookie 'french fries' and even though I thought her little burger cupcakes were very cute I changed things up a bit and made mine more burger-sized as well as adding in some marzipan elements too. Here's how I did it:

The Buns - for the burger buns I used a sponge cake packet mix in a deep bun tin and added on sesame seeds with a little dab of water to make them stick as suggested in the Bakerella tutorial

The Burgers - these are again a packet mix, this time brownies rather than sponge to get that dark colouring and texture. I baked the brownie mix in a square tin and used a cookie cutter to get the burger shape

The Fillings - the first layer of filling was the cheese which is made from thinly rolled marzipan made brighter with a touch of yellow food colouring and cut into a square. Next I mixed up red and yellow icings to act as ketchup and mustard. I piped these on just using plastic bags, for the red I made the piping quite thick drew a circle around the edge of the burger shape and then gently spread the excess into the centre. With the yellow icing I decided to cut the piping bag differently to make just a small line so that I could swirl it across the top of the red icing. Finally I added more thinly rolled marzipan, this time tinted green and cut more roughly, as lettuce leaves.

The Fries - I used a really basic cookie recipe for the fries, just butter sugar and flour, but added on extra sugar just before and after baking to look like salt, again as suggested in Bakerella's post


Here you can see a little better how I layered on the marzipan 'cheese', and the icing 'condements' for the filling before I added the top buns...

What do you think of this Fake Fast Food?
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