Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday DIY: The Ideas Jar

ideas jar diy 1

These handy little jars can be used for deciding what to do on a rainy day, choosing a fun activity for kids, breaking out of your comfort zone with challenges or even deciding what to wear!

I hadn't been able to decide what kind I wanted to make until I saw Heather's recent video and then I knew exactly what to do with my jar. Heather, aka Bookables (click here to read my interview with her), showed a great version of the ideas jar where she added in the names of books from her TBR list so that each month she can pick one out at random to read. Since I have lots of unread books myself I thought this would be the perfect version of this DIY for me.

Whether you want to use it to cross some books off of your TBR list or something completely different here's how it works...
1. First you'll need to choose a jar and decorate it if you wish. I used washi tape and and Dymo label on this small storage jar. 

2. Next you'll need to cut strips of paper and write on the different options. Alternatively you could type them out, print and cut into strips.

3. Finally fold up the strips of paper and pop them into the jar & you're done!
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