Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday DIY: Five 1-Minute Washi Projects

5 1 minute washi projects

For this week's Sunday DIY I wanted to bring you some non-jewellery project ideas that are quick and simple to recreate. So with the help of this stack of washi tapes I've put together a collection of five different project ideas for you to try out!

washi bulldog clips diy

1. Washi Clips - simply cut strips of washi tape, stick them onto the clips and trim off any excess tape from around the edges

washi nail polish tops diy

2. Washi Polishes - jazz up your nail polish collection by wrapping pretty washi tapes around the lids!

washi candles diy

3. Washi Tealights - wrap tape directly around the tealight foils or alternatively wrap the glass holders

washi pencils diy

4. Washi Pencils - who wants those boring old yellow pencils? Add strips of washi tape for pencils that will look much more fun on your desk

washi cake topper flags diy

5. Washi Flags - these little flags look great on top of cupcakes, just wrap a piece of tape around the end of a cocktail stick then shape using scissors

Happy DIY-ing!
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