Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday DIY: Dip-Dyed Tassel Earrings

Tassel accessories, particularly earrings, are something I've seen popping up recently on the high street and from designer brands online. As soon as I saw that tassels were becoming a trend I knew I had to base a DIY around them as with a few basic supplies they're super simple to make. I chose to switch things up a little and add a DIY dip-dye effect to the cord's how I did it!

To create your own pair of dip-dyed tassel earrings you will need: thin nylon cord, earring hooks, pliers, wire, cord ends, jump rings, scissors & strong glue (optional)

For the dip-dye you will also need: fabric paint (acrylic may work too), water, a pot to mix in & tissues

If you want to create the dip-dyed look then the first step is to dye the cord ready to use later.
Cut a piece of cord according to how long you want the tassels to be and fold it as shown in the above photograph. Then mix a little of your paint with some water and dip one end of the cord into it to add the colour.

If you want it to have more of a ombre look, so the colours fade into each other a little rather than just having two tones, take a little fabric paint on your finger or a small brush and add it onto the very ends on top of the watered down dye.

For a harsh line between the colours use a spray paint - mask off the area you don't want to colour using tape and spray the rest
 Before you can begin to actually make the earrings you'll need to leave the cord on a piece of tissue/kitchen roll to dry thoroughly.

If you want to speed up the process you can use a hairdryer but be careful the cord doesn't fly away as its very lightweight!


Once your cord is dry take a piece of wire and wrap it around one end of the cord using pliers as shown above (left). You'll need to leave a longer piece of wire to use later so make sure you don't cut it!

Then slide a jump ring over this wire and onto the outside of the bunch of cord and use pliers to clamp it down to keep the cords together as shown above (right).

If your cord ends already have their own hook you can skip the wire step, add on a jump ring so you don't have any gaps in the tassel and just glue the cord into the end.
 Slide a cord end onto the wire so it sits above where you just clamped the cords together and using pliers create a hoop to hang the earring with, as shown above (left). You can add a little glue into the cord end beforehand if you want to make sure its secure and if necessary use your pliers to tighten the cord end around the cords so there's no gaps in the tassel.

Add on a matching earring hook (above right).

The final step is to cut the ends of the cord so that your loop of cords becomes a tassel.
Repeat all of the above steps for your second earring and you're done!

Happy DIY-ing!
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