Saturday, 18 May 2013

Great Gatsby Nails (using matte tape!)

great gatsby nails
Inspired by The Great Gatsby movie posters

This post is one of those classic cases where I had a clear idea in my mind of how I wanted the finished design to look but pretty much everything went wrong along the way. The step-by-step photos for this post are a bit of a mess but hopefully the finished image and written instructions will still give you an idea of what I was aiming for!

great gatsby nails
Polishes used - NYX Antique, Topshop Winterfrost

1. Paint on a coat or two of your base colour, gold is perfect for that luxurious feel of the Great Gatsby movie poster
2. If you want to add another colour, like a silver, for a gradient effect use a damp sponge to apply more colour - check out my ombre tutorial for more information on this technique
3. Once that's dry it's time to start on the tape - Cut strips of the matte tape and remove some of the stickiness by tapping them onto your palm before applying them to the nails - this way they'll be easier to remove and are less likely to peel off your basecoat!
4. Carefully place the strips of tape onto the nail to create the design - use tweezers if necessary
5. Paint over the whole nail with black polish and peel off the tape whilst the black polish is still tacky
6. Finish off with a clear topcoat to seal the design
*If you want to you can also add on a few gemstones for a little extra sparkle as shown above!

If the tape method isn't for you (it's pretty fiddly!) try using metallic sharpies to draw your designs onto plain black nails and seal with a clear topcoat

Will you be taking any style inspiration from The Great Gatsby?
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