Thursday, 18 April 2013

Drop Dead Diva

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Thanks to Netflix I’ve recently developed a strange addiction to Lifetime’s supernatural/law firm show Drop Dead Diva. The show follows the life of lawyer Jane Bingum played by Broadway star Brooke Elliott but its not as straightforward as meets the eye. On the same day that Jane was shot and injured at her office a young aspiring model named Deb died in a car accident. When Deb ended up in heaven there was a misunderstanding which resulted in her pressing a button that sent her back down to Earth, to live in Jane’s body. Still with me…?

Unfortunately things get even more complicated as Jane works at Harrison-Parker alongside new employee Grayson who just happened to be Deb’s boyfriend and almost fiance. The only people who know that Jane is really Deb are her (Deb’s) best friend/roommate, the lovable but stereotypical Stacy and her guardian angel Fred, who also works as an assistant at the firm.

Deb struggles on a daily basis with living her new life as Jane, although she now has all of Jane's law knowledge she also still had Deb's memories too. From not recognising any of Jane’s friends or family members to dealing with having a completely different appearance and life goals Deb/Jane has to learn to let go of her previous lifestyle and make the most of her second chance. 

Even though the supernatural element is what makes it unique, I think I would still enjoy this show if it were just a straightforward law dramedy as the characters are what really makes it enjoyable. Jane/Deb in particular is a fantastic protagonist and Brooke Elliott is really the standout star of the show however I also love the characters of Fred and Stacy too.

 I guess for me this is a ‘guilty pleasure’ show, the odds say I shouldn’t like it yet I really do. It’s an easy show to watch, there’s no having to remember complicated information between episodes and there’s lots of humour thrown in there too. There are also plenty of guest stars to be found here from Kelly Osborne, Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes to Brandy Norwood, Mario Lopez and Liza Minnelli. 

It was announced at the beginning of the year that the show would not be returning for a fifth season even though season 4 ends with a big cliffhanger (I mean a really annoying one too!) but a few weeks ago it was confirmed that the show will infact be back later this year with a fifth season - I'll definitely be watching!

The show has little elements of Ugly Betty, Ally McBeal and Legally Blonde, so if you’re a Netflix user and a fan of any of those why not give Drop Dead Diva a chance? You never know, you might also find yourself surprised by how addictive it is! 


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