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Club Monstrosity

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club monstrosity review 
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Club Monstrosity has a unique premise that sounded like too much fun for me to ignore, you see the story begins at a support group…for monsters. Our main characters are Frankenstein’s monster Natalie, werewolf Alec, Mummy Kai, Invisible Man Ellis, Bob aka the Blob, Jekyll, Hyde, Drake or Dracula as he is better known as and a swamp dweller named Linda. When Ellis is found to have been murdered in a way that directly reflects the death of the invisible man in the H. G . Wells novel the monsters start to realise that this is no coincidence, someone is out to get them. 

This incredibly clever, unique and slightly geeky concept drew me in and luckily I wasn’t disappointed. Essentially this book falls into the Crime genre as well as Sci-Fi due to the murder mystery plot and trying to figure out, along side the characters, just who is after them and why played a part in my enjoyment of the book. The variety of characters and personalities worked well together and I loved the idea of basing them on well-known fictional characters from other stories. Because of their literary and cinematic fame as individuals it was especially interesting to see how they interacted with each other when placed into a group. 

Although I am aware of author Jesse Petersen’s other works, most notably the ‘Living With The Dead’ zombie series, I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet so I was unsure what to expect from her writing style. Fortunately I found that Club Monstrosity was well-written with good pacing and well-developed characters particularly within such a short novel and this had definitely encouraged me to read her other books. 

Club Monstrosity is a short, fun and refreshing read written with a lot of humour and interesting characters which I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of monster stories or just enjoys a bit of a mystery to solve. The sequel titled ‘The Monsters In Your Neighborhood’ is due for release later in the year and after the way Club Monstrosity ended I am already looking forward to finding out what will happen to these characters next. 4/5


 Club Monstrosity is due for release on April 29th - find it here
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