Monday, 8 April 2013

Black Feathers

*Review of an eARC c/o Netgalley

 “Black Feathers is a modern fantasy set in two epochs: the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, and generations into the future in its aftermath, the Bright Day. In each era, a child undertakes a perilous journey to find a dark messiah known as The Crowman. In their hands lies the fate of the planet as they attempt to discover whether The Crowman is our saviour… or the final incarnation of evil.” Source

 This apocalyptic book switches backwards and forwards between the stories of two different children, Megan Maurice and Gordon Black. The two exist in different times and are each on their own dangerous journey but are connected by the mysterious Crowman.

When I began reading Black Feathers I soon found out that it wasn’t at all what I had expected. Sadly I couldn’t really connect to any of the characters and therefore wasn’t invested in their journeys but I definitely found more enthusiasm for the story after it hit the halfway point. Because of the format (split between the two journeys) the story did get a little confusing at times and at first, before you learn more about their individual journeys, it was hard to keep up with just who you were following. Throughout the book I found Gordon’s story more intriguing than Megan’s although both had their share of fairly interesting events.

Although it is of a reasonable length I wouldn’t consider Black Feathers to be a fast-paced book as it didn’t feel like too much actually happened. Being the first in a series it is understandable that more time would be put into the world-building, introduction of characters and development of the mystery particularly with D’Lacey’s descriptive and detailed writing style.

Unfortunately even though it included some interesting ideas, this story overall just wasn’t for me and I currently have no plans to continue with the series. However if you are a fan of mysterious fantasy adventure stories that are well-written then this may be the book for you!

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