Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Topshop Holographic Nail Polish in Winterfrost

topshop holographic nail polish winterfrost
topshop holographic nail polish winterfrost
Topshop Nails in Winterfrost £6
I'd been wanting to add a holographic polish to my ever-growing collection for a while but they never seemed to be that readily available on the high street. As a fan of Topshop's polish range in general (great quality and value for money) I was pleased to see them introduce three holo shades straight into their permanent collection.
Winterfrost is a classic silver holo polish which applies just like any other silver polish however the holo effect starts to show as it dries and really comes to life in the light. As far as I can tell the quality seems to be comparable to other topshop shades/finishes which I think is impressive as in the past I have heard a lot of negative reviews on the staying power of holo polishes.
As well as Winterfrost Topshop also have a light pink holo named Wistful and a light blue one named Moondance. Personally I would prefer them to bring out a darker shade - a black or navy holo would be perfect for me! 

Since I'm always mixing shades to use for nail art projects I thought I would try making my own shade using Winterfrost and a black polish. As you may be able to see from the swatch photos (holo is tricky to capture!) it is definitely possible to use this polish as a mixer just like any other to give a more subtle holographic glitter finish to a creme polish.

Do you like the holographic polish trend?
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