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Mila 2.0

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The story opens with Mila trying to cope with the death of her father in a fire she can’t remember. Mila and her mother have moved to Clearwater, a small town where nothing much really happens. She lives on a farm, rides horses, goes to school and hangs out with her friends just like any other 16 year old until one day she has an accident and her world is turned upside down when the truth is revealed.

In the book description we learn that Mila is an android, built in a lab as part of a military experiment in artificial intelligence. Mila however doesn’t learn this until around 10-20% into the story. Although I didn’t dislike the initial setup, getting to know Mila’s daily life, her mother and her friends on reflection it does feel like quite a slow starter considering the blurb already gives away this twist. From that point onwards however it is mainly action sequence after action sequence with Mila learning about her creation and her android abilities along the way. Naturally such a life-changing discovery completely changes Mila’s world and she struggles to come to terms with the truth whilst also having to be on the run and leave behind the life she was building for herself back in Clearwater.

At times I found it a bit difficult to keep up with all of the action, there were several different locations to take in with the fast-paced descriptions meant I really needed to pay attention. Unfortunately I did start to get a little bored and lose interest at times however I don’t believe that this was down to the writing style or the overall pacing, possibly just the action upon action getting slightly tiring. Due to the ‘on the run’ nature of the story the secondary characters felt underdeveloped as the reader isn’t granted that much time to get to know them. (Aside from his ‘lopsided smile’ that is mentioned far too many times what do we really know about Hunter?!) Hopefully the reason for this is that Mila 2.0 is set to be the first in a trilogy leaving plenty of time to fill in the gaps in the later novels. To me it felt like certain comments about some of the secondary characters were potentially little hints to things we may discover in the series’ future books although I will have to wait to find out if I’m right!

The premise of the book was intriguing and had some unique (science-fiction) selling points to make it stand out among the sea of YA dystopian series but overall I did feel like something was lacking from Mila 2.0. Whether it was the personalities of the secondary characters, more scenes that didn’t involve action or something else I’m just not sure but I still think there is a lot of potential in this series and am planning to continue with it. Although Mila 2.0 did leave me a little disappointed it is a fairly fun and fast-paced, action-packed read with a refreshing twist on a popular premise that I would recommend to fans of the genre.


Mila 2.0 is available now in hardback and is released for Kindle on 26/3/13
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