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March Review Roundup

march reviews
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Today I'm introducing a new format I'm trying out to replace my monthly reads posts. Rather than telling you about a couple of books I wasn't inspired to write full reviews on each month I have decided to use the slot more as a list of links to any book and film reviews I have published over the month. 
 I have also recently set up an entertainment review blog to house all of my review posts from this blog, Blogger's Bookshelf and to publish original content like the Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight review found below.

Some of you have said that you would like to see more book and film reviews here at e-elise etc so if you are interested in reading my reviews you can now follow Chalkboard Reviews on Bloglovin' here!

This month's reviews...
The Culling, Steven dos Santos (2013)
The first in a new YA dystopian series named The Torch Keeper this book introduces a Hunger Games-esque world where selected teens are forced to compete against each other to be recruited by a government known as the Establishment. The stakes are high as each recruit has two 'incentives' who will be brutally murdered if they fail to complete their training exercises - click here for review   

Hadley is headed to London to be a guest at her father's wedding to a woman she has never met when she narrowly misses her flight and gets stuck at the airport. There she meets Oliver who is also flying back to London for a family event and we follow their story over the next twenty-four hours - click here for review 

If You Find Me, Emily Murdoch (2013) 
A fantastic debut YA novel which follows the story of Carey, a young girl who is disrupted from her sheltered life in the woods when she is dropped back into the real world to live with a new family. Years ago Carey was abducted by her mother but now she must face the truth about what happened to her in the woods on the 'white star night' - click here for review 

Mila 2.0, Debra Driza (2013
The first in another new dystopian science fiction series, Mila 2.0 centres around a girl who discovers that she is in fact not a normal teenager but an android. She is part of a military experiment in artificial intelligence and was stolen from a lab by the woman she calls her mother. Now her creators want her back, but they aren't the only ones who want to capture Mila and suddenly she finds herself on the run - click here for review 


The Lowdown On Upcoming YA Adaptations 
 Lots of popular YA books/series are in the process of being adapted for both the big & small screens so I collected together some of the details on Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars, Delirium, The Maze Runner, Mila 2.0, The Selection & Vampire Academy - click here to read more 

I have now read 16/52 books towards my 2013 reading challenge - find me on Goodreads here

What have you read/reviewed in March?
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