Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Five Favourites - LUSH

5 favourites LUSH

1. Retread Conditioner £9.95 for 245g - My all time favourite conditioner would have to be Retread and I have mentioned it here a few times before. Although labelled a 'heavy' conditioner I find that it doesn't unnecessarily weigh down my long hair. It does however leave it feeling super soft and smelling delicious for days! Find my full review here
2. Eyes Right Mascara £12 for 5g - Eyes Right is the only mascara I've found that doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes so when I first discovered it back in January I threw out all of the others I owned. As mentioned in my review post Eyes Right is wheatgrass based with natural ingredients, contains conditioning vitamins and minerals and only one preservative (apparently its the multiple preservatives in mascaras that can cause irritation). The packaging isn't amazing but I'd rather than deal with that small issue than sore eyes everyday. Find my full review here

3. Dream Cream £10.95 for 240g - I suffer from eczema on my hands so I couldn't resist trying out LUSH's number one product Dream Cream which is designed to be suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Amongst other things it contains oat milk which is supposed to be good for treating eczema. Although it hasn't performed any miracles in clearing up my eczema completely it does help to sooth dry patches and heal any infected areas when applied overnight. Recently I have been sandwiching a layer of L'Occitane shea butter hand cream between layers of Dream Cream overnight and my eczema has dramatically improved.

4. Bubblegum Lip Scrub £5.25 for 5g - This was actually the first LUSH product I purchased (just under a year ago!) and I guess is the reason I went back to try more. I love the scent of this scrub and it does a great job of removing any dry skin. Although people often comment that it is overpriced since is simple to make your own lip scrub, these little tubs will last you ages making the price much more justifiable.

5. Let The Good Times Roll (currently unavailable) - A cleanser and gentle exfoliater in one, I couldn't resist picking this up because of it's amazing cinnamon scent. You hardly need to use any product so the tub lasts for a really long time even if you use it several times a week and it does a good job of leaving your skin soft.

Honourable mention: Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar £5.25 for 55g - Although I couldn't include it in my top 5 as it does irritate my scalp, I use Seanik through the lengths of my hair (teamed with a liquid shampoo just on the very roots) on a regular basis. It gives a super squeaky clean result, more so than any liquid shampoo I've ever used and is great value for money as it lasts much longer than a bottle of shampoo. It also smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling very light and therefore easier to manage.

What are your favourite LUSH products?
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