Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday DIY: Striped Tie Dye Technique

striped tie dye diy title

Following on from yesterday's feature on printed scarves I thought I would share a DIY technique for creating a striped tie dye effect which amongst other things could be used to make yourself a custom summer scarf. As you may be able to tell from the fact that these photographs are taken outside in the sunshine I actually did this DIY back when it was sunny (!) but never posted it. Even though it is trying to snow outside right now I hope that you enjoy the tutorial and will keep it in mind for the warmer weather.

striped tie dye diy step 1 striped tie dye diy step 2 striped tie dye diy step 3 striped tie dye diy step 4 striped tie dye diy step 5

If you have any questions about this DIY just leave them in the comments and I will get back to you & don't forget you can find a full list of e-elise etc DIY tutorials here

If you would like to see more scarf or fabric printing/dyeing ideas let me know!

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