Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday DIY: Dinosaur Photo Holder

dinosaur photo holder diy

There seems to have been a lot of plastic toy DIYs popping up online recently so I thought this week I would attempt one myself. These little dinosaur photograph holders don't take long to make and all you need is some spray paint, a craft knife/saw and of course a plastic toy of your choice.

The first step is to cut a line through the toy for the photograph to sit in. If your toy is fairly small you'll be able to use a craft knife like I did but in some cases a junior hacksaw may work better.

Once you've tested it to see if the photograph will fit you can go ahead and paint the toy in the colour of your choice, then once its dry you can display your photograph, simple!

 My main tip for this DIY would be to make sure you choose a spray paint that is suitable for plastics or if necessary make sure you pick up a plastic primer as well. I had a little trouble with this DIY because the spray paint I picked up really wasn't designed for plastics like this one. Alternatively you can use an emulsion or nail polish to paint your toys!

How do you display your favourite photographs? 

Don't forget, if you try this or any other DIYs from the archive I'd love to hear from you!
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