Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday DIY: Anthropologie Inspired Hairbands

diy hairbands 1

These simple colourful hair elastics have been popping up everywhere over the last year but have really been popularised by trend-setters Anthropologie. 
Personally I'd been wanting to try these for a while but as I have very long, quite thick and therefore heavy hair I was worried that they might not hold it in place all day. I've been wearing them everyday this week and surprisingly they work pretty well even on my heavy hair!

Another thing that put me off in the past was the price, they just seemed so expensive (£14 for 10 ties) for something that is very easy to DIY. Luckily the particular type of elastic used, named fold over elastic, is readily available in various colours, patterns and finishes online so I went straight to Etsy to pick some up.

I purchased my elastics from the shop Blossoms Supplies which is based in London and I would definitely recommend buying from them if you want to try out this DIY!
diy hairbands 2 diy hairbands 3

diy hairbands 4

I hope you've enjoyed this week's DIY. As always I'd love to hear from you if you try out this or any other project from my DIY Archive.

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