Thursday, 7 February 2013

Is It Just Me?

is it just me review

I'm sure most of you will be aware of Miranda's self-titled sitcom which has just concluded it's third series and as a fan of the show this is a book that had been on my to-read list since it’s release. So, when Is It Just Me? finally arrived for me at the library last week I started reading straight away.

Each chapter focuses on a different relatable subject; from music to culture and beauty to weddings so there is a great variety of topics in this ‘something for everyone’ book. Miranda chooses to address the reader directly, even endearingly referring to them as 'my dear reader chum', or 'MDRC', and this friendly, informal tone fits perfectly with the point of the book. Interestingly Miranda chooses to include conversations with her 18 year old self, aka ‘Little M’, throughout the book which is a unique concept I have not come across before. In each chapter she includes input and opinions from Little M alongside her own thoughts as an adult and it is very interesting to see how things have changed. There are several ‘pit stops’ along the way which add an additional, although unnecessary, interactive element. The book also contains a scattering of simple line illustrations, reminiscent of those found in Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops, which break up the text nicely and provide a little extra entertainment. 

A particular favourite chapter for me was Technology where amongst other things Miranda tries to explain mobile phones, email and digital cameras to Little M. Even though I’m obviously not the same age as Miranda its still very easy to forget that not that long ago these everyday things we don’t think twice about now didn’t exist, I mean without the Internet and a laptop I wouldn’t be writing this! The pets chapter was also something I related to as it includes a typical ‘conversation’ between Miranda and her dog Peggy as Miranda confesses that she believes she knows what Peggy is thinking and what she would say if she really could speak. I can also confess that I too like to think I know what Sawyer and Squidge are thinking, so no Miranda its not just you.

The book carries a ‘be yourself and don’t care what anyone else thinks’ style message which concludes nicely in the final chapter. Throughout the book Miranda doesn’t ever take herself too seriously and is happy to make fun of her own mishaps, habits and phrases, and lots of those you will recognise if you watch her sitcom. On that note there is a little recycling but not so much that it becomes an issue or makes the book any less enjoyable. 

Is It Just Me? is a quick and easy read that is light-hearted and entertaining overall. The only thing I really have to compare it to is fellow comedienne Ellen DeGeneres’ Seriously…I’m Kidding which similarly comments on everyday things rather than being a straightforward biography. If you’re a fan of Miranda’s television show then you’re bound to enjoy this book 4/5


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